Photos from the 2009 Smithsonian Staff Picnic

The eight annual Smithsonian Staff Picnic on the National Mall took place June 30. Hosted by the Smithsonian Community Committee and held on the grounds of the Smithsonian Folklife Festival, the picnic featured live music performed by SI staff, as well as a drum circle and volleyball matches organized by the Smithsonian Healthy and Active Program for Employees. Staff had the opportunity to learn about their colleagues’ recent work at the Smithsonian Congress of Scholars research tent.

SI Archives had a table in the SCOS research tent where staff could upload their pictures from the picnic for inclusion in the Institution’s archives. Additionally, the Smithsonian Photography Initiative created a special Flickr group for staff to share their photos. Below is a selection of photos from the more than 100 photos submitted to the 2009 Smithsonian Staff Picnic Flickr group.

Click on any image below to view a slide show of the photo selection.

Posted: 20 July 2009
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