Child psychiatrist Alvin Poussaint receives 2009 John P. McGovern Award

The Smithsonian Associates has announced that renowned child psychiatrist Dr. Alvin F. Poussaint is the recipient of the 2009 John P. McGovern Award for behavioral sciences.

One of the country’s foremost authorities on child development, race relations and issues of diversity, Poussaint is the director of the media center of the Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston and is a professor of psychiatry and the faculty associate dean for student affairs at Harvard Medical School. He has published dozens of articles and is co-author, with

Bill Cosby, left, and Alan Poussaint (AP photo, courtesy of Erinn Cosby)

Bill Cosby, left, and Alan Poussaint (AP photo, courtesy of Erinn Cosby)

Amy Alexander, of “Lay My Burden Down” (2000) and, with James P. Comer, of “Raising Black Children” (1992). He lectures widely on college campuses and serves as a consultant to government agencies and private corporations. In addition, he is active in consulting to the media on a wide range of social issues. He was a script consultant to NBC’s “The Cosby Show” and continues to consult to the media as an advocate of more responsible programming.

Poussaint will discuss parenting education with Johnnetta Cole, director of the Museum of African Art, Wednesday, Sept. 23, at 7 p.m. in the Smithsonian’s S. Dillon Ripley Center (1100 Jefferson Drive S.W.) Topics include self-discipline and the negative impact of media images and a consumer-driven corporate culture. Poussaint’s talk will be highlighted by the presentation of the John P. McGovern Award, in recognition of his contributions to furthering the understanding of American family life. For tickets and further information, call (202) 633-3030 or visit the Smithsonian Resdient Associates Web site.

The John P. McGovern Award is supported by an endowment by the late John P. McGovern, a noted physician, educator, author and medical historian. The foundation trustees select awardees whose endeavors have clearly distinguished them as leaders in their spheres of activity. Past recipients include Jules Feiffer, Eric Kandel, J. Craig Venter, Maya Lin and Edward O. Wilson.

Posted: 25 August 2009
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