Smithsonian magazine scales back publishing schedule

Beginning in 2010, Smithsonian magazine will reduce its publishing frequency from 12 issues each year to 11 by combining the July and August issues into one.

The magazine is making the move to adjust to a publishing environment that is undergoing significant transformation, as more consumers and advertisers focus increased attention on digital communications and platforms. Many longstanding iconic magazine brands have ceased operation, and some major publishing companies are struggling in or near bankruptcy. According to Tom Ott, president of Smithsonian Enterprises, Smithsonian magazine continues to maintain a healthy circulation of more than 2 million subscribers and members, and reader satisfaction scores have never been higher. “However,” he says, “we are not immune to the ongoing negative trends in the print advertising environment. Reducing our publishing frequency, even slightly, makes great economic sense as the cost to produce, print and mail the magazine remains significant.”

The first combined issue next year will have a special theme as the magazine celebrates its 40th anniversary.

Posted: 20 October 2009
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