August 25, 1988

A new exhibition at the National Air and Space Museum highlights space science missions of the European Space Agency. It features full-scale models of the “Giotto” spacecraft, which approached within 370 miles of Comet Halley in 1986 and obtained the first detailed image of the comet nucleus; the “Ulysses” spacecraft, which will study the poles… Continue reading August 25, 1988


Collecting History

“Collecting History”—National Postal Museum through Jan.9 2012 The National Philatelic Collection is the oldest intact national stamp collection in the world. This exhibition celebrates 125 years of philately and invites you to learn about the history of this national treasure and reflect on what the material within it can teach us about world cultures. Image… Continue reading Collecting History


August 24, 1956

One of the first X-ray tubes used by Wilhelm Konrad Roentgen is presented to the United States National Museum for exhibit. Roentgen discovered a new radiation called “X-rays” or Roentgen rays in 1895.


August 23, 1991

Staff of the Freer Gallery of Art complete the four-month relocation and subsequent inventory of the gallery’s entire collection of approximately 27,000 objects to a 13,300-square-foot lower level. With the completion of the gallery’s expansion and construction on its lower levels, the Department of Conservation and Scientific Research moves from temporary quarters in the Sackler… Continue reading August 23, 1991


August 22, 1958

The ground is broken for the Museum of History and Technology, now the National Museum of American History. The first shovel full of earth is turned by Smithsonian Regent Sen. Clinton P. Anderson. The building is completed on January 23, 1964.


August 21, 1980

“New York: The Artist’s View” opens at the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden.


August 20, 1986

“ZooArk” opens at the National Zoo. The special education exhibit has interpretive, interactive modules in six animal houses that have thought-provoking quizzes and innovative computer games which encourage visitors to learn more about conservation issues.


August 19, 1887

Secretary Spencer F. Baird dies at the age of sixty-four, at the headquarters of the United States Fish Commission at Wood’s Hole, Massachusetts.


August 18, 1992

The Cheetah Conservation Station exhibition at the National Zoological Park opens. It recreates the appearance of an African savanna with bunch grasses, reproductions of termite mounds, and a water hole.

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