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The Secretary’s Distinguished Research Lecture Award celebrates excellence in all branches of Smithsonian scholarship by honoring the sustained achievement of one outstanding Smithsonian scholar each year. The recipient is asked to deliver a lecture to the Smithsonian community on his or her research, and a reception is held for the honoree.

This annual award is sponsored by the Secretary and the offices of the Under Secretary for Science and Under Secretary for History, Art and Culture. Nominations are reviewed by a committee of Smithsonian scholars whose membership is overseen by the Smithsonian Congress of Scholars.

The criteria for the award are:

1. Sustained achievements in research;

2. Longstanding investment in the Smithsonian;

3. Outstanding contribution to a field or fields of research, either broadening the scope of a discipline or substantially enhancing understanding within a field of study; and

4. Ability to communicate research to a non-specialist audience.

Nominations are solicited from all Smithsonian staff, and should include the following materials:

1. A nominating letter that explicitly addresses each of the four selection criteria;

2. An independent letter from another Smithsonian staff member that supplies additional information or perspective on the nominee; additional letters of support may also be submitted;

3. A current curriculum vitae.

Self-nominations are not permitted. Nominations will be kept active for three years unless withdrawn. All active Smithsonian staff members are eligible for consideration. Emeritus staff are not eligible.

Nominations should be submitted via e-mail by close of business April 11 to fitzhugh@si.edu.

The 2011  selection committee  is William W. Fitzhugh, Chair (Natural History)  David DeVorkin (Air and Space), Giovanni Fazio (Astrophysical Observatory), Douglas Herman (American History), Adrienne Kaeppler (Natural History), Cynthia Mills (American Art), Katherine Ott (American History), Mary Jane West-Eberhard (Tropical Research Institute), and Dennis Whigham (Environmental Research Center).

Posted: 7 February 2011
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