Meet our Scientists: Matthew Carrano, Dinosaur Hunter

Meet the Smithsonian’s Matthew Carrano, curator of Dinosauria at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C. Matthew studies all things dinosaur, but focuses on the evolutionary history of predatory (meat-eating) dinosaurs.

By digging up bones all around the world, examining and cataloging them in the lab and reporting his findings to the world, as well as overseeing the museum’s Dinosaur Hall, Matthew contributes a lot to our modern understanding of dinosaurs.

Special thanks to the National Geographic Society. All rights reserved on noted images.

Music: “DLDN (Instrumental)” by timberman
Additional photos: Deborah Colodner (Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum); Scott D. Sampson (University of Utah)
Dinosaur cladograms: Michael J. Benton (University of Bristol)

Posted: 30 September 2011
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Brian Ireley is a digital media specialist at the Smithsonian’s Central Office of Public Affairs. Specializing in science communication and multimedia production, most of Brian’s work aims to make nerdy topics more accessible and fun.