The Long Conversation features more than 25 leaders from the arts and sciences in a relay of two-person dialogues focused on what makes them optimistic about the future. From edible houses to Maker nurses to art activism, learn about the best ideas on the horizon in 15-minute rolling conversations between surprising conversationalists from all walks of life. JOSE GOMEZ-MARQUEZ; KAVYA KOPPARAPU; YO-YO MA; SABRINA GONZALEZ PASTERSKI; BRIAN MATHEWS; DAVID RUBENSTEIN; DEBORAH F. RUTTER; MICHELLE THALLER; JOSÉ ANDRÉS; MURIEL BOWSER; STEVE CASE; DR. JOHN A. GRANT, Ill; ANDREW HESSEL; DR. CORI LATHAN; DAVID ROCKWELL; SHELDON SCOTT; DR. DAVID J. SKORTON; ERIK BRUNER-YANG; FRANK FOER; RACHEL GOSLINS; KAITLYN HOVA; PETE MARRA; GABBY RIVERA; DANIEL P. SCHRAG; DAMION THOMAS and ENO UMOH

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