August 8, 1980

A sales exhibition opens in the Renwick Gallery, “Newer than New Glass, Part II.” Visitors are able to purchase works by some of the American craftsmen on display in the “New Glass” exhibition.


August 5, 1977

“Grass,” a major show of approximately 550 works illustrating how many types of natural grasses have been used to make both functional and decorative objects in many cultures, opens at the Renwick Gallery. Among the items displayed are an Egyptian necklace, Japanese raincoat, Swiss lace, Indonesian wine container, Iroquois mask, Zulu beer strainer, Amazon mating… Continue reading August 5, 1977


May 31, 1966

The Court of Claims Building is turned over to the Smithsonian Institution for renovation into the Renwick Gallery of Art. The building served as the first Corcoran Gallery of Art and was designed by architect James Renwick, Jr., who also designed the Smithsonian Institution Building.

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