April 15, 1912

Architectural sketch of the North Elevation, Building for the Freer Collections, Washington, D.C. The Freer Gallery of Art was designed by Architect Charles A. Platt.

April 15, 1912: In a first preview of the Freer Gallery of Art collections, 175 pieces, out of the more than 4,000 comprising the collection, are exhibited in one of the great halls of the United States National Museum, now known as the National Museum of Natural History. The American art side of the exhibition includes paintings by James McNeill Whistler, Thomas W. Dewing, Dwight W. Tryan, Abbott H. Thayer, and Winslow Homer. The Asian art side of the exhibition includes Japanese paintings of the 16th to the 19th centuries; Chinese paintings, bronzes and sculptures; pottery from China, Japan, Korea, Persia and Mesopotamia; and glass specimens from Egypt.

Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution Archives

Posted: 15 April 2012
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