April 26, 1787

April 26, 1787 Under the name of James Lewis Macie, James Smithson is admitted as a Fellow of the Royal Society of London. His recommendation states that he is a gentleman well versed in various branches of Natural Philosophy, and particularly in Chemistry and Mineralogy. Smithson was nominated for membership by his good friend, Henry Cavendish, and four other scientists.

The photograph is of a portrait of James Smithson (1765-1829), founding donor of the Smithsonian Institution, as an adult. The photograph is of a miniature portrait of Smithson done in oil on ivory by Henri Johns on May 11, 1816 at Aix la Chapelle, France, and purchased in 1878 from George Henry de la Batut of France.

Courtesy of Smithsonian Institution Archives

Posted: 26 April 2012
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