Wednesday is Bake Cookies Day!

Image via Wikipedia Commons

Image via Wikipedia Commons

The 18th of December is  Bake Cookies Day. It occurs in the middle of the holiday season and is a great excuse to bake some delicious cookies to help get you through the cold winter days.

Cookies arrived in America in the 17th century, although the word itself arrived much later with the Dutch in its original form of koekje meaning “little cake”. This was soon shortened to “cooky” or “cookie”, although cookies themselves may date back as far as 7th century Persia.

‘Tis the time of year when amateur and professional bakers alike strut their culinary cookie skills.Smithsonian magazine’s blog, Food and Think, has everything you need to know to make sure your cookies are the star of any holiday party. So get baking!

Stop Ruining Your Christmas Cookies! Follow These Tips to Better Baking


Posted: 18 December 2013
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