A strategy for preservation

AHHP Strategic Plan 5-Cov1 (2)

What is the Smithsonian’s largest collection? Hmm. In terms of number, maybe it’s our collection of invertebrates. In terms of size, it must be the dinosaurs or wait─of course, the space shuttle Discovery and other aircraft.


Our buildings are our largest collection. From the historically important Castle and Arts & Industries Buildings on the National Mall to the high-tech LEED-certified Mathias Lab at the Environmental Research Center in Maryland, the Smithsonian’s buildings are an important part of the Smithsonian experience.

Architectural History and Historic Preservation, part of the Office of Facilities Engineering and Operations’ Planning and Project Management division, Is ringing in the new year with a newly issued strategic plan. Covering the years 2015 through 2019, the plan encourages all staff to become part of AHHP’s vision of “respecting the past, present and future integrity of our buildings and grounds as exceptional vessels that shape and inspire the Smithsonian experience.”

Take a look at the plan on www.si.edu/ahhp and remember, your workspace is a little piece of the biggest collection of the largest cultural and research organization in the world.

Posted: 13 January 2015
About the Author:

Amy Ballard is the senior historic preservation specialist in Architectural History and Historic Preservation. She began her Smithsonian career in 1976 when, among other duties as assigned, she fed a pair of barn owls that lived in the northeast tower of the Castle.