Season’s greetings!

Drum roll, please! The winner of the first ever, inaugural, annual Smithsonian winter card contest is announced. When we said the competition was open to the entire Smithsonian community, we meant it!


The Smithsonian is an inspiring place, full of talented and creative people. Secretary Skorton has begun a new annual tradition that shares a bit of the wonder of working here with friends and colleagues across the globe in celebration of the holiday season and the beginning of a new year.

In October, the Smithsonian community was asked for help in designing the Smithsonian winter greeting card. We received many creative and imaginative submissions that captured the essence of the Smithsonian in art, animation and photographs.

We’re delighted to announce the winner, Stacey Tabellario, of the National Zoo, who submitted this beautiful design created by her collaborator, giant panda Tian Tian!

Keepers at the Zoo have long used  non-toxic paint as part of behaviorial enrichment programs. Many of the animals seem to enjoy painting and Tian Tian, in particular, has a gift for it!.

In a tradition they began years ago, Dr. Skorton and his wife, Robin Davisson, used this image as their inspiration for a haiku they wrote for the Smithsonian’s winter greeting.

Start thinking now about your submission for next year’s contest and check out the rest of the 2015 finalists. Congratulations to everyone who submitted a design!

Inaugural Winter Greet Card Finalists

Animation submitted by Kate Balch, Smithsonian Media

Clink on any image in the slide show to enlarge:


Posted: 21 December 2015
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Alex di Giovanni has been editing The Torch since August 2006. Prior to joining the Smithsonian, she worked as a writer and editor for the National Geographic Society, Plexus Scientific, The Nature Conservancy, The National Foreign Language Center and St. Martin’s Press, among others. She has the best job in the world.