He may work in a Castle, but it’s no Ivory Tower

He may not have broken the Internet (yet), but Secretary David Skorton made a lot of new friends for the Smithsonian when he shared his day on Instagram.


The Smithsonian is one of our oldest national institutions—respected, authoritative, comprehensive—and dare we say, just the tiniest bit stodgy? We know that visitors often find our sheer size intimidating and many don’t really understand all the ways we encompass the world’s largest museum, education and research organization.

Secretary David Skorton may have an office in a Castle, but he certainly doesn’t live in an ivory tower. He recently shared a typical day on the Instagram site We The People DC, created to show our nation’s Capital from the perspective of its people. His goal was to humanize the Smithsonian by showing it through the eyes of the man who runs it, highlight some important things people might not realize we do, and also to demonstrate to the millennials of D.C., who have helped create a vibrant arts and culture scene here, that the Smithsonian is deeply committed to the important role of the arts and humanities in society as a whole and in the local community.


Used to eat whatever I wanted for breakfast, but now I actually look forward to my healthy chow.

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Posted: 28 October 2016
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Alex di Giovanni has been editing The Torch since August 2006. Prior to joining the Smithsonian, she worked as a writer and editor for the National Geographic Society, Plexus Scientific, The Nature Conservancy, The National Foreign Language Center and St. Martin’s Press, among others. She has the best job in the world.