Sidedoor: Inventor, Photographer…Murderer

 Graphic for Sidedoor Episode 3.10

Meet Eadweard Muybridge, a pioneering and somewhat eccentric photographer from the 1800s whose work changed how people understood movement, and paved the way for the invention of motion pictures. But this inventor, artist, and showman also made a name for himself for something much less savory: murder. This time on Sidedoor, come for the ingenuity and stay for the scandal as we find out how a near-death experience, a handsome horse, and a rumored $25,000 bet helped Eadweard Muybridge change the course of photographic history.


Posted: 12 December 2018
About the Author:

Jessica Sadeq has worked in the Central Office of Public Affairs since June 2007. She is the Acting Marketing Manager for Office of Communications and External Affairs.