ICYMI: Highlights from the week of April 6 – April 10, 2020

No one can keep up with everything, so let us do it for you. We’ll gather the top Smithsonian stories from across the country and around the world each week so you’ll never be at a loss for conversation around the water cooler.

Despite the constraints of a global pandemic, research and discovery continues on both a microscopic and galactic scale.

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How to Avoid Misinformation About COVID-19

Smithsonian.com – April 9, 2020

Museums Are Urgently Collecting Homemade Masks and Other Ephemera From the Coronavirus Pandemic to Document History as It Unfolds

artnet News – April 8, 2020

How zookeepers at DC’s National Zoo are navigating the pandemic

WTOP.com – April 7, 2020

Kennedy Center and National Symphony Orchestra reach agreement to avert furloughs

The Washington Post – April 7, 2020

Museums scramble to document the pandemic, even as it unfolds

Chicago Tribune – April 7, 2020

A year after the first black hole image, the EHT has been stymied by the coronavirus

Science News – April 10, 2020

History, Culture and Education

How New Efforts Are Recovering the Stories of People Who Were Deleted From History

Time Magazine – April 7, 2020

18 fascinating nonfiction podcasts (that aren’t true crime)

Vox – April 8, 2020

he Smithsonian Needs Your Help Transcribing Sally Ride’s Notebooks

Mental Floss – April 8, 2020

Science and Technology

Astronomers clock extremely high winds on an object outside of our solar system

CNN-US – April 9, 2020

Winds of 1,500 MPH Recorded on ‘Failed Star’ 33 Light-Years Away in First Observation of Its Kind

Newsweek – April 9, 2020

You Can Watch These Fuzzy Newborn Cheetah Cubs on the National Zoo’s Cub Cam All Day Long

Washingtonian Magazine – April 9, 2020


Litter of cheetah cubs born at Virginia Smithsonian facility

WTOP.com – April 8, 2020

Cheetah cub born at Zoo’s Front Royal facility

The Washington Post – April 8, 2020

Incredible image of high-energy jets spurting out of a supermassive black hole at nearly the speed of light is captured by the Event Horizon Telescope

Daily Mail Online – April 8, 2020

6 new coronaviruses discovered in bats

LiveScience – April 10, 2020


Posted: 10 April 2020
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