ICYMI: Highlights from the week that was Sept. 14 – 18, 2020

No one can keep up with everything, so let us do it for you. We’ll gather the top Smithsonian stories from across the country and around the world each week so you’ll never be at a loss about what’s happening in our world.

The American History Museum reopens to the public, just in time to defend American history from efforts to rewrite it.

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Art and Design

Smithsonian American Art Museum Acquires Its First Sound Installation

ARTnews – September 18, 2020

Tinkering With A Total Work

Landscape Architecture Magazine – September 16, 2020

The Hirshhorn Is Throwing A Futuristic Party This Week. Here’s How To Start Planning The Perfect Outfit

DCist – September 15, 2020

The New York Times – It’s a Banana. It’s Art. And Now It’s the Guggenheim’s Problem.

Coronavirus and Reopening

Smithsonian reopens four additional museums with new safety measures in place

Wusa9 – September 18, 2020

Four more Smithsonian museums opening today

FOX 5 DC – September 18, 2020

National Museum of African American History and Culture reopens, six months after pandemic closure

CBS News – September 18, 2020

National Portrait Gallery reopens Friday with 2 new exhibits – September 17, 2020

With safety protocols working, Smithsonian to reopen four other museums on Friday

The Washington Post – September 14, 2020

Smithsonian Set to Reopen Four More Museums

NBC Washington – September 14, 2020

Smithsonian Is Reopening Four Museums This Week

Washingtonian Magazine – September 14, 2020

The New York Times – National Museum of African American History and Culture Is Reopening

History, Culture and Education

How the Revolutionary Thinker Alexander von Humboldt Helped to Create the Smithsonian – September 17, 2020

Museums Are Filled With Stolen African Art. Is It Time To Return It?

WAMU – 1A – September 15, 2020

American Latino Museum on the National Mall: When, where and how? – September 15, 2020

The New York Times – Trump Calls for ‘Patriotic Education’ to Defend American History From the Left

Panda Cub

National Zoo’s Panda Cub Gets First Exam: ‘Our Young Panda Appears to Be Healthy and Vibrant’ – September 15, 2020

3-week-old panda cub gets adorable 1st checkup

Good Morning America – September 14, 2020

Science and Technology

Mail-Sorting Machines Are Crucial for the U.S. Postal Service

Scientific American – September 14, 2020

A ‘Superfungus’ May Lead to the Extinction of One of the World’s Most Toxic Animals

Newsweek – September 13, 2020

Secretary Bunch

Cultural organizations across the nation host documentary and discussion about John Lewis

The Washington Post – September 12, 2020

Various Subjects

The Trump Administration Just Announced White Studies Commission

The Root – September 18, 2020

Smithsonian ransomware attack steals information of museum donors

Wusa9 – September 15, 2020


Posted: 23 September 2020
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Madeleine “Maddie” Weyand-Geise recently joined OPA as the public affairs assistant, though she’s yet to step foot into the Castle as an employee. After starting work mid-pandemic, Maddie can’t wait for coworkers other than her aloe plant. Maddie comes to OPA with a background working in communications for local arts organizations and higher education. With degrees in art history and public relations, Maddie sees the Smithsonian as the perfect workplace to combine her passions for art, public access and education.

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