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David J. Skorton is the 13th Secretary of the Smithsonian. A board-certified cardiologist whose specialty is congenital heart disease and cardiac imaging, Skorton is also an avid jazz musician and a passionate supporter of the arts and humanities.


Becoming an American

It is a truism that America is a nation of immigrants, but what is the reality behind the cliché? Dr. Skorton took the opportunity to explore the concepts inherent in our democracy with a group of Smithsonian colleagues who joined him to talk about the paths they took to American citizenship. Like many immigrants, my… Continue reading Becoming an American


What kind of nation do we want to be?

In this time of political dissension, shifting international alliances and increasingly incivil public discourse, the American History Museum is opening “The Nation We Build Together” on the second floor of the west wing. Smithsonian Secretary David Skorton sat down with the museum’s director, John Gray, to talk about how the new exhibitions challenge Americans to consider the values that have always united us and to look beyond the issues that divide us.
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